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Roth’s first album, "Asleep in the Bread Aisle,"was released in 2009 under the Island Def Jam record label.This second album, however, is largely self-released.“It was just a matter of finding the right home,” Roth says."We went to the Jane Hotel, and then afterward we went back to his place and I helped him pack.""Did you fold everything, like how you were taught? Roth's second album comes five years after his debut.The new album is about getting back to the stuff he believes in, Roth says. But that pace in Los Angeles where I'm at now is good for me..."On this album, you won't find compromises at all," the Philadelphia native told CBS News. It's allowed me to grow up without having the pressures and expectations of other people.“I just love to create, and I feel like with that record, you feel like it was fun to make.”Also different is the way Roth plans to celebrate the release of this album.

I think actually you see that a lot in hip-hop with the word entourage. I'm much more comfortable with having these experiences by myself." On "Retro Hash": "I don't want the fun element to be missing from the person I am. If I'm here in the entertainment business and I want to be here for a while and I'm expressing myself through music, I want to do it honestly.

In fact, it seems the whole family has had some interaction with Mr. ' He was like, ' Do you want to touch it?

West in one way or another."Kanye called me a couple of years ago asking for creative advice when he was making the video for ' Runaway,'" says Ben. You should talk to my mom.'"So the pair met."He had just gotten his gold teeth," Sherry recalls. ' I was like, ' Kanye, I am not putting my hand in your mouth.'"Then Hannah reveals her secret."Kanye and I went on a date once," Hannah says.. And now, perhaps everyone else in rap might be shooting her one too.

Cares about change, cares about people and the world. Some are haters, others say he's the most legit out there.

Real man, won't change for anyone or anything.

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