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The v Center Configuration Manager Installation and Getting Started Guide provides detailed installation and configuration instructions.v Center Configuration Manager 5.3 supports upgrades EMC Ionix Server Configuration Manager 5.0 and later and Configuresoft ECM version 4.11.1 or later.Note that "freezing" means these platforms will not support the additional features in VCM 5.3.The platforms are supported with functionality equivalent to the previous release (in this case 5.2.1).Welcome to VMware v Center Configuration Manager (VCM) 5.3.The following information provides highlights of some of the enhancements available in this release of VCM 5.3.Go to: In the connection windows highlight the RDP-Tcp connection, right-click and choose properties Go to the Client settings Tab.There you will find the redirection of Audio disabled by default. You will need to login again to make it use the new settings.

Copyright statements and licenses are contained in a separate document that describes these open source components; however, v Center Configuration Manager 5.3 does not necessarily use all of the components listed.

If appropriate, additional Agents (to provide continued support for these platforms) will be included with the software distribution and will be available on the VCM collector for deployment.

The following items are software fixes included in the VCM 5.3 release.

When upgrading from EMC SCM 5.0 or higher, the upgrade will change the persona of the product to VMware VCM.

This upgrade affects both Configuresoft and EMC/EMC Ionix editions.

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