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They engage in hot, sweaty, intellectual conversations about Proust.Do you know where Marcel friggin' Proust is Some people stick to their guns when they say they don't care about looks—and bless their hearts.According to Jamie Parks, a reality TV producer and aspiring comic who has been dating her Tinder boyfriend for almost a year, there’s no reason to lie. Parks will try anything—in college, she made it her life’s mission to be cast on The Real World, and she almost made it.At the ripe old age of 25, she may have aged out of eligibility for the show. At this point, I guess I’m just happy that we met.” Besides, she adds, “I don’t see any difference between that and meeting a guy blacked out at a bar.” Like all the Tinder enthusiasts we interviewed for this story, she started using the app because all her friends were doing it.The sole review on the app's page summarizes it nicely: "You buy points to promote yourself, and to view/ message other ppl, and to see who liked you. down the drain." The transition from desktop to mobile for websites is a bit like the great change from silent films to talkies during the late 1920s. Unfortunately, POF seems to be succumbing to the same fate.

“Your parents will love me,” Joel, 23, insists on his profile, while Kory, 22, simply states, “It’s not your booty, it’s your beauty.” Ugh, swipe left. In cities like New York with fast–paced, cutthroat dating scenes, the app has taken off and just might be changing dating forever. They want to diversify, a goal that for many a hot new tech company has turned out to be the kiss of death.

Whereas traditional online dating sites Match and Ok Cupid painstakingly cultivate the image of being for serious people (aka grown-ups) interested in long-term relationships, Tinder cuts to the chase—thrillingly, say users.

“When I was on it,” says Bethany, “I felt a little voyeuristic, a little excited and different.

You can talk to a person, but can't see what they look like.

Even if you have a great conversation with a person, you're not going to want to bone them if they look like Rex from close to getting it right—the one thing they didn't anticipate: charging money kills erections faster than, I dunno, bees?

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