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Zuckerberg's platform was the OG way to show…This is going to sound painfully hackneyed and like I'm a try-hard at being a "chill-girl-who-is-also-wifey-material" but... The phone will show a word, and everybody on your team will have to give you clues as to what that word is... They've got bedroom eyes that look like they could make your clothes vanish into a cloud of smoke.

But not so fast, because sometimes, trouble…Let's be real: Cold weather is not particularly sexy. " there's no way to make "the same pair of long underwear for the last three days" sound like a titillating response.

These soft-shelled bombs, timed to explode in mid-air, were used to send messages to a detachment of troops far in the distance.

Another mention of the signal bomb appears in a text dating from 1293 requesting their collection from those still stored in Zhejiang.

For example, the US Environmental Protection Agency have studied the impacts of perchlorate on the environment as well as drinking water. Fusees are also known as railroad flares and are commonly used to perform hand signals in rail transport applications.

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Perchlorate, a type of salt in its solid form, dissolves and moves rapidly in groundwater and surface water. Another type of flare is the fusee, which burns for 10–60 minutes with a bright red light.

1 rolled around, you woke up and patted yourself on the back for having dodged every cuff that came your way.

Everyone else around you was joined at the hip under a tandem Snuggie, but you remained the very …There's no one way that any one sign uses when it comes to knowing how to get over a breakup, but there are definitely patterns that emerge overtime, as each sign learns how to cope.

Generally speaking, fire signs get over a breakup by taking action.…You never mean to spend an hour stalking your ex's Instagram, but sometimes, it just happens.

There you were, just minding your own business, scrolling through your feed, when suddenly, before you even realize what you're doing, you've pulled up thei…I feel like the struggle over what to watch with your SO is similar to that of trying to decide where to grab dinner — neither of you knows exactly what you want, but everything your partner suggests is missing the mark, right?

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