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(45092)Workaround: To solve the issue: When using Windows 10 with PCo IP Graphics Agent for Windows installed on a physical workstation that does not have an attached mouse, the system will assume it is running in tablet mode and will make the mouse cursor invisible.

(53310) A small number of occurrences have been reported where Windows will crash (resulting in BSOD) when resuming from Windows Hibernate, when installed on a virtual machine equipped with NVIDIA GPUs.

RZ18-01-05, Rezoning of a portion of the property at 4350 Wheeler Road from S-1 to M-1 (light Industrial) with a Conditional Use for a fitness facility.

VA18-01-03, Variance to the buffer requirements to remove the requirement for a buffer along the access easement for the portion of the property requested to be rezoned to industrial at 4350 Wheeler Road.

RZ18-02-03, Rezoning from R-1 (Single Family Residential) and M-1 (Light Industrial) to M-2 (General Industrial) for development of office/warehouse space at 501 Buff Road.

RZ17-12-04, Rezoning from R-A (Residential Agriculture) to PUD (Planned Unit Development) for 797 acres between Appling Harlem and Morris Callaway Roads for a mixed use development including single family residential, estate lots, patio home lots, and town home units as well as supporting commercial, professional, and special development.

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