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Books can help motivate us, they can help teach us something, and they can simply entertain.The writers on our countdown cover all spectrums of the Christian literature community whether it be fantasy or reality based.

In his introduction in The Complete Gospels, Stephen Patterson notes: "The handwriting can be dated to around 1750. Early discussion of it was marred by accusations of forgery and fraud, no doubt owing in part to its controversial comments. One is "CE Marking" which is a compulsory marking found on many products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). The word "common" simply means that it is based on the most frequently used calendar system: the Gregorian Calendar."CE" found in this web site refers to the other meaning, the "Common Era." This meaning for "CE" is a synonym for "AD." The latter is an abbreviation for "Anno Domini" in Latin or "the year of the Lord" in English. BCE stands for "Before the common era." BC means "Before Christ," or "Before the Messiah." Both measure the number of years before the approximate birthday of Yeshua/Jesus.In 1958, Morton Smith found a letter of Clement of Alexandria at the Mar Saba monastary near the city of Jerusalem.The Secret Gospel of Mark is known only from the references in this letter.

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