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In Turkey, three movies were produced with the character Kinowa in the early 1970s.Dario Guzzon and Pietro Sartoris went to similar schools and obtained their diploma as primary school teachers.The comics were translated to French, Serbo-Croatian, Turkish, Greek, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.Their name was taken from the Italian pronunciation of the first letters of their three surnames, Pietro Sartoris of Greek descent(Torino, Italy 15 August 1926 - 27 July 1989), Dario Guzzon (Torino, Italy 4 January 1926 - ), and Giovanni Sinchetto (Torino, Italy 5 April 1922 - 19 January 1991).If you're not a member of Rankly.com, you should consider becoming one. At Rankly.com, we aim to give you the best of everything - including stuff like the Best Comic Book Creator of All Time list.Esse Gesse was an Italian team of cartoonists, most famous for their Western comics, which were popular in the 1950s.

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In 1965 there appeared "Alan Mistero", whose protagonist was a sturdy fiery red-haired hero capable of the most astonishing disguises and also a very skilful gunman, flanked in his adventures by two comic foils: the sophisticated Conte and the greedy Polpetta.

This series originally appeared in a collection of weekly albums published by its own creators, but failed to achieve success and the series was soon after transferred by the three Torino authors to the publishing house Araldo, owned by Sergio Bonelli, which published it in the appendix of the Collana Araldo.

Guzzon attended the Art School and then the Academy of Fine Arts.

Sartoris started up his publishing activity that eventually took him to the Taurina publishing house. Guzzon himself was already publishing some of his cartoons in the magazine Piccina.

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