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, was released from Belle Books and became a Kindle bestseller.

She earned her MA in English Literature from Butler University, with the thesis The Family Vault: Women Buried Alive in Poe’s Short Fiction.

And you’ll get the expert advice of Alicia on how to edit in the energy into your prose.

Here’s your chance to figure out what is dead and drowsy in your voice, and how to wake it up!

Laurie teaches on a diverse range of topics covering subjects that caused the most rejections during her years as editor-in-chief at Black Velvet Seductions.

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We’ll also discuss head hops and what differentiates a head hop from a signaled point of view shift so that participants will never be confused about that again.Until July 2014 Laurie Sanders was the founder, CEO, and editor-in-chief at Black Velvet Seductions.In 2014, after almost 10 years as CEO and editor-in-chief, Laurie was ready to take a step back to enjoy some time with family and to engage in her other long neglected hobbies.Kim is Managing Editor for Sick Lit Magazine and an Assistant Editor for Firefly Magazine. She’s published in several online literary journals and print magazines, as well as featured in The 52 Men Podcast. The problem arises for many authors when they try to put that advice into practice.At the moment they first hear the advice it makes perfect sense…but like a complex algebra problem the clarity that existed at first evaporates quickly and then they are lost wondering if they are showing or telling.

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    FILMMAKER Magazine is the official publication of the Gotham Independent Film Awards. Please note that there are no hard tickets provided in advance. The IFP Gotham Awards, selected by distinguished juries and presented in New York City, the home of independent film, are the first honors of the film awards season.

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