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Sponsored by the Indian Institute of Geomagnetism, Navi Mumbai-410218 (DST, Govt. Beijing Declaration in the Fourth World Conference on Women have all affirmed these afore ...... In multispecies fisheries management, ecosystem approach is an apt method. A study on fishing methods in reef of Kerala Baiju. India has an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) covering a total area of 2.02 million sq. km on the west coast including the Lakshadweep Islands and 1.16 million sq.

tration to enhance pharmaceutical development throughout a product's life cycle. Where previously only the largest com Feb 7, 2004 - amongst a galaxy of experts on gnder issues. We may call such index as Women specific-MDG Index or simply W-MDG- ...... As fishes constitute the major part of their habitat ecosystems, the management of fisheries require a broad ecosystem perspective. Distribution and biology of Indian deep sea herring Bathyclupea hoskyni (Alcock, 1891) from the South east Arabian Sea Viji V, Harish K C, Sileesh M S and Alphi Korath 68 9. India is one of major fish producing countries in the world contributing over 3% of both marine and freshwater fishes to the world production (Srinath and Pillai, 2006) with third position in capture fisheries and second in aquaculture.

The marine fisheries sector in India which existed as sustenance fishery for years, underwent a series of change through adequate support and care in the Five Year Plans and now evolved as a multi-million dollar industry.

Impact of Chlorpyrifos on Total Protein Content in Different Tissues of the Black Clam Villorita cyprinoides from Vemband Lake Sangeetha S. Evaluation of hygiene in fishing vessel of Munambam and Cochin fishing harbour Ginson Joseph, Aryalakshmy K. R 105 Sustainable Fisheries in an Ecosystem Perspective Present and Future Scenario of Indian Marine Fisheries P. Zacharia Central Marine Fisheries Research institute, Kochi, Kerala, India Abstract The Indian marine fisheries sector has high potential for rural development, domestic nutritional security, employment generation, gender mainstreaming as well as export earnings.

On the east coast, Tamil Nadu was the major contributor followed by West Bengal and Orissa.

Marine fish production has shown a steady increase in Tamil Nadu from 1.23 lakh t in 1960 to 6.5 lakh t in 2014.

Role of natural food production in traditional fish farms with reference to zooplankton biomass Antony P. The demand for fish in the next decade is expected to increase due to the awareness of the people on the nutritive value of fish.

Biochemical Composition of Blood Clam Anadara granosa from Vellar Estuary Southeast coast of India N. Through mechanization of indigenous crafts, introduction of mechanized vessels, improvement of fishing implements, establishment of infrastructure facilities for processing and storage, the marine fish production increased from 0.53 million t in 1950-51 to a maximum of 3.94 million t in 2012.

Success Story” sessions on Tuesday afternoon were made available as a live webcast to 250 web ...... Sponsored by University Grants Commission Proceedings of the National Seminar on Sustainable fisheries in an ecosystem perspective held during 10-11 December 2015 at St. All aspects related to fisheries management were included in the seminar under six different sessions. 1 Sustainable Fisheries in an Ecosystem Perspective Indian fisheries sector has been witnessing a steady growth since the First Five Year Plan.

The developments in fish harvest technology has been in areas of craft technology and mechanization of propulsion, introduction of synthetic gear material, acoustic fish detection and satellite-based remote sensing techniques, advances in electronic navigation, provisions for on-board fish processing and preservation.

Thus, the fishing industry in the last five decades has undergone significant developments leading to improvements in the working conditions and reducing the drudgery of fishermen. Present scenario of capture fisheries The period 1960 -70s saw a gradual increase in fisheries production from 0.63 million t in 1960 to 1 mt in 1970; a twenty year period (1950–1970) was required to raise production by double.

PREVALENCE OF OCEANIC FORAGERS AMONG ADULT FEMALE ... Michael’s College, Cherthala ISBN 903-2-2 Editors Dr. This book of proceedings of the National Seminar contain selected papers presented during this National Seminar. Zacharia 1 Need for sustainable utilisation of marine fisheries-from health perspective point of view Dr. Ajmal Khan 15 On the exploited fishery resources of three major estuaries of Kerala Dr. The marine fish production increased from 0.53 million t in 1950-51 to a maximum of 3.3 million t in 2010.

Apr 30, 2010 - best student presentations were given to eight students. CONSERVATION: A SISTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM IN THE MEXICAN PACIFIC ...... The papers are very much relevant and timely to discuss the various issues relating to fisheries and aquatic ecosystems and sugesting recommendations for management of fisheries in sustainable manner using ecosystem approach. Present and future scenario of Indian marine fisheries Dr. The growth of marine fisheries in India can be demarcated into three phases (Srinath and Pillai, 2006).

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