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This record stood until 2009 when it was beaten by rival Semmy Schilt.Although 1998 was his last Grand Prix win, Aerts continued to compete and reached the final a further three times (in 2006, 20)."It's Showtime" is a defunct kickboxing and mixed martial arts promotion based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.It was founded by Simon Rutz in 1998 and held its first show in 1999 and its last near the end of 2012.His interest in combat sports came from his grandfather and an uncle; both were active in that field.In 1984, he started kickboxing and began training in "Judoka-Kickboxing" in Best, with Mikki Benazzouz.

At an earlier press press conference, when the pair faced off Sam had told the Frenchman that he’s thinks he’s a ‘clown’ and made reference to Quarteron’s past shenanigans with Badr Hari; at a GFC press conference in Dubai – that fight would be cancelled by the promotion and result in all sorts of allegations by Quarteron as to why the fight with the “Golden Boy” never happened.The WPMF was founded to promote and support Muaythai worldwide, including enforcement of its traditions, rules and regulations.The WPMF is one of major organizations recognized in the world.Quarteron hasn’t lost a fight since June 2009 which, was by second round KO, to Paul Slowinski at the Champions of Champions 2 event in Jamaica and approximately 82.5% of his past wins have been by KO.Sam has been building good momentum with his fighting career ever since and including, a close decision loss to, Xavier Vigney at GLORY 23.

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