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– Interactive term suggestion for users of digital libraries : using thesauri and co-occurrence lists for information retrieval (Lang.: eng).

– In: Organisation des connaissances en vue de leur intégration dans les systèmes de représentation et de recherche d'information / ed.

Staff subsequently loaded the records into World Cat to improve discoverability for scholars.

- Salamanca : Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca, 2003. – Recomendaciones de documentos electrónicos en discusiones on-line [Recommendations of electronic documents in online discussions] (Lang.: ). – In: Journal of the American Society for Information Science, 50(1999)9,p.737-750. »» On Library classifications, especially UDC, and subject headings Bakonyi, G. – Adaptivnyi informatsionnyi poisk : problem realizatsii [Adaptive information retrieval: implementation issues] (Lang.: rus). – In: Library Resources & Technical Services, 59(2015)1, pp. As part of its participation in the Google Books government documents scanning project, the Purdue University Libraries agreed to contribute volumes of the Congressional Serial Set (CSS). Realizing that the results would be far more useful if the individual documents within this title were cataloged separately, librarians developed procedures to create brief records and began cataloging CSS documents from the 1890s.

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